Friday, December 12, 2008


...finally it's weekend...I didn't sleep so much this week...but tomorrow I have to ;-)
Because tomorrow evening I'll go to a party at my school, a LAN-party.
For the ones, who don't know what it is...:
In our school we meet with more than 80 people, and all of them will bring their computers, which will be networked, sothat we all can play together computergames. There will be tournaments in various games, too.
Most times this "party" will dure all night long, until the next morning...

I hope it will be great, I never had taken part of it until now.

Well, I have to go, till next post,


  1. So you'll have to sleep so you don't have to sleep? Njoy!

  2. That is a week-end in large, I hope you have fun. Because now the weekend has gone.

  3. UDO!!!
    I didn't know you had a blog...
    Just wanted to said I'm desperately jealous of your backyard, especially this time of the year!